I have to watch them like a hawk!  They’re into everything!! (Maybe I should capitalize that to make sure you understand)  EVERYTHING!!!  If there’s the tiniest piece of lint on the floor their little pinchie fingers are going to find it.  And where does it go?  Straight into their mouths.  Yum!  Lint is yummy!

Today I gave the dudes some Cheerios while preparing their food.  I look over to see that Baby B has finished his and looking longingly at Baby A’s Cheerios.  So what does he do?  He sticks his little hand out, yanks Baby A’s high chair over and streeeeettches as far as he can with his little pointer finger reaching, reaching and reaching…and darn if he didn’t get it!  Yes, he maneuvered it with a single baby finger and popped it into his mouth.  It was one of those times I wish I’d had a video camera.

Also, the same day, I’m talking to Ed on the phone and walking around the house.  I happen to look up at the TV and it’s on the On Demand channel!!!  Not only did Baby A try to order up a movie, he recorded the News for me.  Way to go little dude!  Now they have their own remote but I think they’re getting a little suspicious that it’s a decoy.  I strategically put it places so they can find it.  The blissful look on their faces when they find it is super cute.

And last but not least, the fine art of booger picking.  Where to begin…for some odd reason I thought people learned to pick their noses from watching some other kid pick his/her nose.  Not so, not so.  It seems it’s just a thing they do.  The little finger up the nose and right into the mouth for taste testing.  Yes, gross indeed.  How about if I told you that the same cute baby will come up to you all smiling into your face and lift that same little finger to pick YOUR nose?  HAHAHA   He’s just being helpful I’m sure!

On that note, that’s all for now.


The dudes are now 10 months old.  Yikes!  We’re slowly making our way from the baby jar food to real food. There is a slight complication when your mom doesn’t like to cook. They can’t eat spaghetti and pizza every day! So, I’m trying to make meals everyone can eat. Ugh! It’s torture!

On another note, I walked into the room to find baby B on the floor holding his diaper the other day. Not only that, but when I said something to him, he started peeing. Not good, not good at all. Now we have pants on over our diapers at all times. So far, this has squashed the diaper issue.

More teething!  As if there aren’t enough things to worry about, more teeth are popping through.  It’s really bothering them this time.  So far, I’ve spent the last two nights with them.  I thought my ever calming presence would help them sleep but it just seems to make them want to party.  So, I spent the night saying “lay down, it’s time to sleep” over and over.  I finally had to dump the last one in the crib, shut the door to my room, throw a pillow over my head and try to get some sleep.  As I type this I feel like a meanie, but it was all about survival at 3:45 am.

They’re almost walking!  Yes, they’re standing without assistance and actually taking steps.  It’s super cute!  They’ve become experts with those little walking devices.  Baby A can actually manuever it pretty much anywhere he wants to go.  Of course when they decide they both want the same walker and want to go in different directions it’s chaos.  And of course, I’m watching from my chair and don’t say a word.  It’s best to just let them be…trust me.

That’s all for now…

Green is…good?

Today we tried the basic green bean.  To the average person they’re quite yummy and a spoonful or two now and then is great.  To the dudes they were invaders from another planet and they needed scrutinizing and disecting.

Baby B was up for the bean challenge.  With less than expert pinchie fingers he managed to get a few pieces into his mouth.  Hmmm, not bad.  The rest he smashed into a pulp on his high chair.

Baby A was not liking the looks of the green particles.  He had a distrustful look on his face from the beginning.  When a piece actually made it into his mouth it must have been disgusting because he shivered and starred at it like it was something horrific.  He too joined his brother in smashing the beans to the high chair.  So, beans are good for smashing not eating, in case you wondered.

I find it interesting that ALL green foods get this sort of treatment.  Avacado and peas have joined the graveyard of green foods.  Now mom has to be sneaky and put them in their apple sauce and pears.  HA!  Sure, at some point they’ll realize somethings not quite right with their apple and pears.  But until then, I feel it’s my duty to protect the green veggies.

Until next time…

Oh Lord, Help Me!!!

The dudes are now 9 months old. Their days are basically spent practicing the fine art of standing. They pull up on everything and anything AND anyone. Most often they use each other as leverage to stand.  The one being held down is not too happy. They’ve become little hazards scooting around my living room moving from couch to chair to window seal and back again.

Recently, they’ve decided it’s time to test their balance. What do they do? They stand and let go. It’s interesting to watch. I usually sit in my chair and act like I don’t see it all taking place. If I look they cry. If I act like I didn’t see a thing then every thing is hunky dory.

I’ve been trying to read up on their depth perception at this age. I feel like it’s non-existent. Why you might ask? Baby B took a nose dive off the bed the other day. He fell like a bag of potatoes. It was horrible. I had Baby A in my arms, so I do the smart thing and stick a leg out to catch him. You can’t catch babies with legs! So his head hit the bone on the top of my foot. He had a nice sized bump after that episode. And I felt like my stomach was trying to squeeze up into my throat.

Example 2, Baby A decided to climb into the area in our wall where a TV should sit. Usually this isn’t a problem but today he decides he’s going to stand. And then smile and take a step out of the giant hole. Yes, down he went. No injuries this time. Yay!

And last but not least, Baby A was minding his own business, laying on the floor snuggling with Tigger. Baby B spots the Tigger and takes a flying leap onto Baby A. For you wrestling fans it would be called a Power Slam. Baby A wasn’t too happy but Baby B was so happy to rub his face into the soft Tigger. He ended up stealing it away and taking Tigger off for some super snuggling. Baby A was still laying there stunned.  I continued to sit in my chair and act like I didn’t see a thing.

That’s all for now.  We’re working on the word “no” and it’s meaning.  Right now I just get smiles when I say it and they do it again because it seems to make it more thrilling.  Lord, help me!

I haven’t written in a while because my life has been in utter chaos.  No lie.  But I finally see the twinkling little lights at the end of the tunnel of doom and gloom.

This post is for all moms and dads who are tired, worn out, frustrated and who stare at their children and wonder how could this have happened?  Why oh, why is there not a manual for these things?  Well, I’m here to tell you, there is…sort of.

After reading three different books on sleep for my boys and having no success, the ladies in my Moms of Multiples group suggested The Sleep Easy Solution (another book).  Two of them had used it recently and had great success.  So, I took it home and with a heavy sigh opened it and started skimming quickly.

Ah ha!  But this book was different.  It didn’t go into the usual mumbo jumbo about sleep and REM cycles and all that jazz.  No, they understood that we needed help fast.  They promised success if you followed the super easy directions.  We did.  And it did.

It didn’t just work, it worked wonderfully and quickly!  It was like sitting down in front of a doctor and spilling out your woes and they understand and have answers!  It was marvelous!  There’s even a chapter called Crying 911.  I loved that one!  There was also a website to visit to print off forms.

The dudes are happy again.  Bed time is enjoyable and fast.  We’re working on naps but they’re coming along just fine.  This book is for birth to age 5.  It’s going to be the gift I bring to all baby showers.

Run out and get it today!  Don’t wait!  If you don’t have success after doing exactly as they suggest then you can come leave me a nasty comment.  I probably won’t approve it but I will read it and feel bad for you.  Mostly because you can’t read and follow directions.  HAHA

Seriously though, get it.

Pyloric stenosis is a narrowing of the pylorus, the lower part of the stomach through which food and other stomach contents pass to enter the small intestine. When an infant has pyloric stenosis, the muscles in the pylorus have become enlarged and cause narrowing within the pyloric channel to the point where food is prevented from emptying out of the stomach.  –KidsHealth

The boys were born on October 31, 2010.  Baby A was diagnosed with reflux due to complaints of spitting up, gas and fussiness.  We pressed forward with treatment by putting his mattress at an incline, thickening his formula with rice cereal and giving him Mylicon for gas.  Also, we were instructed to burp him for at least 15 to 30 minutes after each meal.

We returned to the doctor the middle of November because it hadn’t gotten any better.  The spitting up was happening 1.5 to 2 hours after he had eaten.  Baby A was prescribed Zantac which we were hoping would solve the problem or at least help a bit.  It didn’t, it actually seemed to make it worse.  I stopped giving it to him right after the second dose.  I decided to work with the rice cereal to thicken the formula and burp him a lot.

By Thanksgiving the spitting up had turned to throwing up, and what came up was increasing.  He still had wet diapers.  He still had small bowel movements.  When I questioned other moms they usually said their babies had thrown up too.  I had to wonder if it was the same amount though?

By Christmas Eve the throwing up had progressed to huge amounts.  He would basically eat all his meals then throw it all up at the end of the day.  I would have towels over him like a blanket because he would throw up sometimes in the middle of the night and drench himself.  When I burped him I had to have a towel or it would cover me.

I finally realized this wasn’t normal.  I called our pediatrician’s emergency number and described everything to the nurse.  The doctor called me back later.  She was a different doctor then the one we usually visited.  Right away she nailed the diagnosis.

We were asked to try to make it through the holiday and not go to the emergency room.  This was to avoid sitting in an emergency room for hours.  We were the first ones at the pediatricians when it opened.  We were immediately sent to CHKD for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound turned out to be interesting.  They had to get 3 technicians in the room because they couldn’t find his pyloric valve.  His little belly was so bloated with gas and formula.  It was a floppy mess.  They said there was no doubt of the diagnosis.  The doctor was contacted and we were admitted into the hospital.

To cut a long story short, the little fella had to wait until 6:30 pm the next day.  It was a long night and day.  The surgery went great.  His recovery was wonderful.  He no longer has any reflux or vomiting.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I just wanted others to be aware that this existed.  I was told by the surgeon it usually happened to first-born males.  In the past, people would take turns feeding the baby small amounts of milk until he got older.  It’s my understanding they can sometimes out grow the condition if the valve is not completely closed.

So thanks to the doctor who made the diagnosis and the surgeons at CHKD who did such a great job with my son.

Sweet Dreams

Update on the sleep training.  (I hate that phrase now) 

Baby A is doing very well.  He’s adopted a cuddly giraffe that he shoves under his arm, does a couple of whimpers, and he’s pretty much off to la-la land.

Baby B is a different story.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, he’s learned to pull up.  This has knocked our sleeping process back quite a bit.  I’ve actually been getting pretty discouraged.  But, I think tonight I may have solved it.

Although hubby has been in the room with the boys, Baby B wants physical contact. 

Tonight we waited the usual 10 minutes (which isn’t so magical after all) and in we went to get Baby B to lay down.  We did the 15 minute wait and you know the process by now.  This time with lots of prayer I got him to lay down.  I rubbed his back and hummed some wonderful tunes to him.  I have the voice of an angel in case you were wondering.  HA! 

I stopped and just hovered over the crib watching him. (He’s so precious 🙂 )  He started to cry, turned over on his side and looked up at me.  When he saw I was still there he smiled up at me.  How freaking cute is that?!?  Yeah, my heart just melted.  So I continued humming and held his little hand.  He looked like he was about to fall asleep so I slipped my hand free.  He started to whimper again but turned over enough to see I was still there.  After a couple of minutes of shifting to get comfortable he was asleep.

He did it!  He did it!  I’m so proud of my little BB!

We’ll see how it goes this week.  I feel like I have some more tools to work with now.  Not to mention, I ordered another sleep book. 

Sweet dreams folks.

Stretch Marks

Save your money!   It’s in the genes.  After 36 weeks of religiously rubbing body butters and oils all over myself, the skin covering my big ole pregnant belly just couldn’t take anymore.

It really started around the 30 week mark.  The skin on my belly got all shiny and freaky looking in photographs.  Then it was a weird silvery color and finally…(creaking noises) it gave way.

It’s a sad thing to look at now.  I plead with it to pull itself together but it just hangs there, tired and worn out.  I’ve tried to revive it with lotions and cremes but I think it just gave up.

So I say farewell to the skin of my youth.  It was good knowing you.

It’s June 30th and some interesting things have happened since my last blog way back…on Tuesday? HA!

Interesting thing #1 – They’re continuing to fight falling asleep but they’re staying around 15 mins.  I’m good with this since hubby is the one that stays in the room with them.  He’s found some soothing sounds he likes to play for them on the laptop.  I think he said it was a trickling brook and some sort of animal sounds.  So it sounds like rushing water in the amazon forest.

Interesting thing #2 – The dudes are sleeping through the night.  They’re now sleeping 7:30 pm to 7:00 am. *giddy with excitement*  I, on the other hand, am still stuck in the 5:00 am schedule.  Perhaps if I had a dog I could take him or her for a walk as my younger brother does every morning.  He used to give us updates on FB each morning about the weather and all the cool things he saw while walking his German Shepard.  Now we rarely see a status update.  I don’t know if ole Shep took off with him or not.  But I digress. (Big time)

Interesting thing #3 – Nap times have changed.  They’re gradually getting later and longer.  Hmmm  Could we be moving towards two naps a day?  I don’t know.  I’m still paranoid that they won’t make it to bed time.  If they haven’t passed out by 4:30 then I hit panic mode and drive them around in my car.  Yes, I know, pitiful.  I’ve cruised most of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Lots of houses for sale.  I even found another set of twins for the boys to play with at some time.  I gave them our number but haven’t heard back.  hmmm  Interesting…

That’s all for now.

After finding we were going to have twins, we head out to the mother of all baby stores…BabysRUs.  *cue heavenly music*  Talk about overwhelming!  Where to begin?  I knew they would need diapers and that was about it.

I forgot to mention I was clueless about kids.  I think I baby sat maybe 2 or 3 times my whole life.  I changed maybe 2 diapers!  When confronted by new moms with babies I managed to get out of holding them.  Mostly because I was embarrassed and afraid if they cried that would mean I wasn’t meant to ever be mom material.  🙂  Surely babies can sense that stuff, can’t they?  If the kids were older I looked at them as cute little germ factories.  I mean really, everything in the mouth, fingers up the nose, they always seemed to have sticky little fingers, and they had a smell about them…hmmm, back to shopping.

As I said, the experience was overwhelming so I needed to do some research.  My research consisted of finding out what my coworke’rs daughter had gotten when she was expecting.  I went to her registery and wrote down what I thought we might need.  I tried to find a twins website for recommendations but it seemed like the same type of stuff, just more of it.  So, I’m going to share with you the things we found most helpful.  I should also mention that you should call companies whose products you use, Enfamil, Pampers…etc.  They often will give you discounts or send you extra if they know you’re expecting multiples.

First of all, diapers. (of course)  The ladies who threw me a shower had the BEST idea.  They asked everyone who was coming to the shower to bring a pack of diapers.  This was SO, SO, so helpful.  We had enough diapers for 3 months.  I prefered Pampers Swaddlers because they were softer then others that I tried.  They were also what they used in the hospital.  If you choose the clothe diaper way then good for you!  Alot of people have success with clothe diapers.

Wipes – We cruise through these pretty fast.  I prefer the Huggies Sensitive.  It’s just my preference.

2 Swings – These will save your life!  I kept mine until the darn things wouldn’t hardly swing anymore. (Because the boys weighed too much)

2 Bouncy Chairs – Our boys slept in theirs for the first 2 months of their lives.  We had them right beside the bed.  I could reach out and give them a quick bounce if they woke up.  I also used these when feeding the boys.  I would line them up infront of the couch(so I could lean back) and sit between them so I could hold their bottles while they ate.

2 Boppy Pillows – We didn’t use these until later.  As soon as their little arms started lifting my mom started putting their hands around their bottles.  We kept it up until they could hold them themselves.  So, to the boppy’s they go when it’s time to eat.  Also, we used it when they were trying to sit up.  It didn’t really help them sit up but it did provide something soft if they fell over.  Also, great for supporting baby while breastfeeding.

2 Pack N Plays – These have been great!  We set them up in our room and the boys slept in one together around 2-3 months.  I learned a neat trick from CHKD hospital.  I stuffed a blanket under one side to make the pad fit on an incline.(To help with reflux)  I rolled a large towel up and made a U shape like a little nest.  I covered the U with a soft blanket and…Ta Da!…a great little bed.  It kept them confined in the U so they wouldn’t bother each other.  We moved them to separate PNP’s at the end of 3 months.  I still used the U-shape.  Now, at 7 months, we use them when we travel.  They tear down very easily. (Thank you family!!)

Bumbo chairs – We had one that was given to us.  My boys never liked them but many babies do.  As soon as they could hold their heads up I made them sit in it for 2 mins.  Just to give them an idea of what it was like to sit up.  Like I said, they didn’t like it much so I only put them in for a few minutes.

Clothes – Save your money!  We had all these cute little outfits to put on them and they wore ONE.  I dressed them up all cute for their first visit to the pediatrician.  Little did I know that they were going to make me undress them as soon as they got there.  Ugh!  The boys were born in the winter so they lived in those sleep and play outfits.  Now those you can rack up on because we went through at least a couple a day.  Of course this is certainly a preference and you may like dressing your babies up.  Have at it!

Baby gym/playmats – We bought one and put both of them under it.  Seriously, they don’t do a lot of moving for several months.  A second gym was given to us and at that point I separated them.  They were very differently made gyms so I’d switch them back and forth so they could stare at birds for a while and then cookie monster.

Books – We got a lot of them from folks.  The one book that the boys love is called Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  It was big, with bright pictures and just a few words.  We read it every day and they were mesmerized.  They still love that one today.

Quilt for the floor – Get a couple because they’ll be spitting up and slobbering all over it.

Receiving blankets – The best were those given to me by sweet ladies who made them.  They were bigger then the normal size receiving blanket so we could wrap it around them good.  We used the store bought blankets to throw over our shoulders to burp the dudes.

Bottles – You’re on your own.  You’ll find what works.  I’d wouldn’t stock up on a ton of one kind until you know your baby likes it.  Alot of premmies have problems with latching onto different nipples.   So sometimes it’s a trial and error thing.  I will mention the Podee system.  You might want to check it out.  We didn’t use it but I’ve come across several moms that really like it.

Burp cloth or just a stack of bath clothes – I didn’t really like the burp clothes.  So we just bought a cheap bundle of white bath clothes from Walmart.

Pacifiers – You’re on your own here as well.  You may not want them to have one or they may not like them.  Sometimes it’s as simple as they prefer a certain kind.  My boys never really took to a pacifier.  We tried it off and on up until about 2 months.

Exercausers/Jumperoos – These are great!  I also bought the jumperoo that hangs in the doorway.  I didn’t get as much use out of it because I moved from the room with the doorway when they were just starting to use it.  A plus is that it packs up easily, but again you have to have a doorway.   If you have a doorway in whatever room you’ll be spending time in then this is much cheaper and works great.

Breast Pump – I rented a Medela Symphony.  It seemed like the best way to go until I knew breastfeeding was going to work for me.  It didn’t, so I was only out $75 bucks.  They are extremely expensive.  It worked great and comes highly recommended.

Slings – Good luck with this!  We were given two slings, a Baby Bjorn and something soft that had Winnie the Pooh on it.  It was basically just like the Bjorn.  I bought a Moby for $50.  I used each of them once.  I wanted my money back on the Moby.

Diaper bags – I was really stressed out over this item.  I could never find one that I liked.  I finally settled for one that wasn’t too expensive but it was so darn big.  I later found a small diaper bag at Burlington Coat Factory for $2.00.  I use the little one all the time.  I basically keep it in my car.  I use the big bag for long trips.

Swaddlers – I received several but we never used them.  I understand now that swaddles are starting to be used in most hospitals because they’re safer then the blankets. (because of SIDS)  If you plan to swaddle then think about the time of year you’re having your babies.  Consider what you’ll be dressing them in, if you keep your house warm or cold, and how thick of a swaddle you’ll need.(Fleece or cotton)

Snuggle Nest – We were given one of these and we actually used it quite a bit.  On the nights when one of the babies just wouldn’t sleep, we put them in the nest and in the bed with us.  This way we weren’t afraid of rolling on top of them.  It was good for reflux as well because it was on an incline.  It also comes with little wedges which fit on either side of the baby.  It’s definitely not a “must have” but it was very useful.

Manicure kit – A must have! Their fingernails and toenails grow like crazy.  If you don’t keep the nails trimmed they scratch their faces.  This was a hard one for me.  Their nails are kind of soft when they’re born.  I just filed them the first couple of months before I got up the courage to use the clippers.  Once you have success with the clippers, you’re home free.

Nose sucker – I used it alot.  I sucked out their noses each night before bed just to keep their air way clean.  It was rather funny because they loved it.   Also, a neat trick I learned was to take a cottonball, run warm water over it so it’s saturated, then put in between your hands and roll it up until it’s tight and long.  Then you can stick it in a nostril and give it a twist to clear their noses out.  They loved this too.  HAHA…Weirdos.

Bath Tub – You’ll need one.  To be honest, the first month or so we bathed ours in the pink tub the hospital gave us. 🙂

Bath Wash – We used the Johnson and Johnson brand at first but Baby B started showing a sensitivity towards it.  So, a wonderful lady who sells Arbonne gave us a care basket of baby wash/sunscreen/lotion at my baby shower.  It was wonderful!  Thank you Sheryl Dinger!

Towels and Bath Cloths – We go through the bath clothes like crazy.  Get lots or wash cloths alot!

Balmex – It works pretty good when used in moderation.  You don’t have to gunk it on their butts.  Just smooth a little on and diaper.  Also, a pediatrician at one of my “How to take care of baby” workshops said that the main cause of diaper rash was moisture.  So I kept a box of kleenex by the changing table and blotted their butts after using the wipes.  It really works.  It’s better then letting them sit around with no diaper.  That was recommended as well.  Be proactive! HAHA

Monitors – We went with the basic monitor. (Graco $40)  There are monitors now with video capability. They’re definitely more expensive but I have friends who have the video monitors and really like them alot.  So, again, your preference.

Car seat/Stroller – There are tons out there.  It really comes down to what you can afford.  We went with Graco Snugfit because it had good reviews and we found a good deal on Albee Baby.com.  We also bought the DuoGlider Double stoller.  The stroller works well.  My only complaint really is that there is no room for storage when using the carriers.  If you’re just strapping them in then there’s a bottom and back storage area.  It’s slim so it fits through aisles and doors easily.  I can even park it in fitting rooms just fine.  It turns ok with one hand.  I’ve not had other stollers to compare this to but I’ve not had a problem turning it.  There’s a little process to setting it up and breaking it down if you’re using the carriers.  But it doesn’t take that long.

High chairs – You’ll need some type of device.

I think that’s the basics.  I’ll update this post as I think of stuff.  If you think of something let me know.  Hope you find it helpful.